Speech Therapy for Kids

Speech Therapy for Kids

Located in Aurora, Denver Metro Area

We love working with kids! Our goal at every speech therapy session is to make it fun and purposeful. Our activities for kids are geared toward engaging hands-on tasks that are skillfully guided which include art projects, games, and cooking. We also offer a variety of language development and social skills groups where kids can grow their skills alongside their peers which is supported by research

At each speech therapy session, a new skill is taught with just the right amount of challenge to avoid frustration and to keep kids happy and learning. A home program is provided at the end of each session to reinforce new skills. It is our pleasure to speak with your child's classroom teacher or other professionals about strategies or prompting techniques to improve your child's skills more quickly.

Speech Therapy for Kids - Individual Sessions

Our speech therapy programs are designed to improve speech communication, language development, and social skills. We collect data at each session to demonstrate improvement. We can get a lot accomplished in a 30 minute private session which makes speech therapy more affordable for our families.

Speech Articulation

  • Articulation and speech problems
  • Oral facial muscular strengthening
  • Stuttering and fluency shapingy

Language Development

  • Vocabulary development
  • Verbal expression
  • Auditory processing and receptive language
  • Writing organization
  • Thought organization and formulation

Social Skills and Language Development Groups

We offer a variety of social skills and language development groups for all ages and skill levels. All groups focus on social skills and language development, with each group having its own unique focus. Explore the group offerings and see if there is a group that is the right fit for your child. You may have your child try a group session for free. Learn more about our social skills training offering small group instruction makes the rate more affordable for our families. 

Speech and Language Development Testing

A fun, play based speech therapy session in S.E. Denver-Aurora.

We do full scale speech and language testing. We offer two price options, one with a formal report and one without, to save you money. When it comes to speech and articulation issues, we can often do a quick test at the first session for the session price, discuss the results, and then plan with you a speech therapy program specific to your child's needs. The same option is also available for language testing. If a report is needed then there is a separate price for that option.

Experience Makes the Difference with Speech Therapists!

Elizabeth Peterson has been a speech therapist for over twenty years and has been in practice for over ten years. She is frequently published in her field in topics ranging from successful social skill models, improving speech and language development to improving the lives of students with significant disabilities. She lectures nationwide to educate other speech therapists and special education teachers on how to improve the lives of students with disabilities.

Elizabeth Peterson is the co-author of SOS: Strategies Offer Solutions, a two part publication that positions kids to be successful with speech and language by using a three part strategy pneumonic.



SOS Strategies Offer Solutions!

This is a two volume school-age and adolescent program where students are given three directions or strategies in a SOS mnemonic designed to improve independence with social skills, speech, language and/or cognitive skills.


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How to Get Free Testing in Aurora, Denver, or Anywhere in Colorado

This speech therapy session improved speech and language development through the fun activity of baking cake pops.

Parents, you are entitled to have speech therapy services provided by your neighborhood school district for free if your child qualifies. If you have concerns regarding your child's articulation or language development, contact your school district and ask about how to get your child tested. If your child qualifies for speech therapy as defined by the state of Colorado, he or she can receive services from the public school at no cost to you. Districts do not provide services for articulation issues but they may if there is a significant delay in language development (typically a 2 year gap). It's worth checking out!


Call Us to Learn More

It would be our pleasure to hear from you and learn about your child. Call us to begin the process at 303-330-3309. We are located in Denver and Aurora.

Regarding Medical Insurance

We are not in a position to bill insurance companies directly for payment. The fee is collected at each session. It is our pleasure to provide statements for insurance companies and health savings or flexible spending accounts for reimbursement. We accept the CES Medicaid Waiver for our social skills services.

Parents, check out our FAQ page for speech therapy for kids and check out our blog for helpful articles on speech and language development.