Social Skills Speech Therapy Groups for Kids

Speech Therapy Social Skills – Groups for Kids


We offer five, unique, social skills groups for school age kids ranging from elementary to high school. All of our social skills groups incorporate life’s important skills such as language and cognitive development, communication, appropriate social behavior academic success and motor development. In each group, we provide hands-on coaching as we work with your child along with their peers to build skills and improve behavior. This type of therapy approach is heavily supported by data.

We work with students on the autism spectrum, Down’s Syndrome, and many other diagnosis.

Please explore the different types of social skills and language skills  for:

Elementary Students

Middle and High School

Funding Sources

  • Private Pay
  • Insurance Reimbursement. We collect the fee and then provide a statement to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company or heath savings account
  • CES Waiver. The CES waiver for behavior may be used for our social skills programming. Respite may be used for camps. The waiver does not cover private speech therapy for kids
  • Special Interest-Free Financing available for continual training in our social skills or reading programs. Payments can be divided across 12 months.

Call us for a Complementary Consultation


It is our pleasure to offer a complementary meeting to interact with your child and you can discuss your family’s needs, concerns and goals. 303-330-3309. We are located in Aurora, Colorado and near S.E. Denver.

Located: 2600 S. Parker Rd. Build 3 Suite 336 Aurora, Colorado. We are in the Cheery Creek School District and Aurora Public Schools.