“Fun”ctional Success and Social Skills

“Fun”ctional Life Skills for Success

Middle, High School and Young Adults: Thursdays 5:00-7:00

Improving Social Skills, Language Development and Life Skills using

‘FUN”ctional Real-life Activities


With direct hands-on coaching, we provide both the practical application of social skills, communication, and language development with functional real life activities such as cooking, household/community safety, vocational experiences and assembly/building of fun projects. Our students learn and apply their knowledge as it relates to daily living and real life situations that occur in home, school and vocational environments. This group was co-created by Elizabeth Peterson, speech therapist and Sommer Bowdre a special education teacher to position kids to be independent at their highest level so they can live their fullest life.


We work with middle and high school students as well as young adults who are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, a language development delay, learning disability, intellectual disability, Attention Deficit Disorder, and many other diagnoses are a good fit for this program.

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Our language development training focuses on:

  • Identifying and naming objects and actions as they occur within the activity.
  • Communication exchanges at the sentence level.
  • Understand verb tenses while it is occurring such as “I will pour, I am pouring, I poured…”
  • Life skill instruction for using kitchen appliances, money, household and community themes.
  • In addition our lessons help to generalize and reinforce reading, writing and math through our functional approach.

Our social skills lessons target:

How to initiate, use eye contact, appropriate body language/distance/touching, tone of voice to match situations, identifying and applying emotion, mental flexibility (i.e., taking turns, wait time, compromise and sharing) conversational exchanges , working with a partner, friendship building, cooperative playing, and how to advocate to manage bullies.

Group Highlights: 

  • Practical application of social skills, language and intellectual development with live action life-skill activities in a small group of peers
  • Direct hands on coaching to build language
  • Research based therapeutic lessons
  • Videotaping for direct feedback on social skills and behaviors.
  • Technology lessons
  • Lessons on cooking/kitchen/household safety
  • Vocational training through our student created ice cream parlor activity (a student favorite)

Try a session for Free to ensure the right fit. 10% discount when enrolled in more than one group


Program Length: Each quarter is 8 weeks and we offer 4 quarters from September to May. Progress reports toward goals are included. Check out our summer camps in July and August.

Age: Middle, high school and young adults.

Prerequisite Skills: Reading, writing and communication at the single word/phrase level. We work with communication devices. Able to sit and focus attention on structured activities for 15-20 minutes. Wiliness to follow adult directions. Bathroom skills are independent grooming and dressing. May need to be reminded to use the bathroom.

Primary Areas of Focus: Simultaneously reinforcing social skill development with language and cognition through real life themes, life skills and fun activities.

Please give us a call (303) 330-3309. It will be our pleasure to learn about your child. We are located in S.E. Denver- Aurora.

Funding Sources:

  • Private Pay
  • Insurance Reimbursement. We collect the fee and then provide a statement to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company or heath savings account
  • CES Waiver. The CES waiver for behavior may be used for our social skills programming. Respite may be used for camps. The waiver does not cover private speech therapy for kids
  • Special Interest-Free Financing available for continual training in our social skills or reading programs. Payments can be divided across 12 months.