Our Associates

Traci Chambers-Med,OTR
Occupational Therapist

Traci has been an occupational therapist for over 27 years specializing in children for the last 12. Traci believes that working with children in a functional, real-life setting is the best way to achieve results. It is her passion to challenge children to reach their potential and views everyday activities as an opportunity for learning and growth. Traci has led many different groups and strives for the activities to be functional, social and fun.

In the spring of 2013, Traci was the recipient of the distinguished, Golden Heart Award. The award is given by the Cherry Creek School District to therapists who exceed expectations. Traci loves working with the special needs population and has made it her career choice. She is thrilled to be the lead therapist to launch the Movement and Milestones group and to work with kids in such a functional environment at Beyond Classroom Walls. On a personal note, she enjoys biking, hiking and sometimes being silly as students will attest.

Katie Haitz

Hello!  I’m Katie Haitz and I am a school social worker in the Cherry Creek School District.  I’m originally from Tennessee and attended college in Birmingham, AL at Samford University, where I received a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology and a minor in Spanish.  I then decided it was time for graduate school as well as an adventure, which is what brought me to Denver.  I graduated with a Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver in 2010.  I have been with Cherry Creek ever since!  I have always enjoyed working with kids because of countless things, some being their enthusiasm, their resilience, and their capacity to learn.  I am absolutely a kid at heart and love finding new and different ways to inspire kids to learn and grow.  I truly enjoy being a part of Beyond Classroom Walls because I have the opportunity to work more intensely with students and watch them grow every week.

Jo Ellen
Nutrition Consultant for Beyond Classroom Walls

Meet Jo Ellen Walden.  She is a Certified Nutrition Coach and Fitness Instructor.  Being an active mother of two, a wife, a fitness guru, an accomplished road cyclist for the past 16 years; she has a lot of varied experience under her belt.  She is focused on providing her family with healthy, tasty meals that don’t include a lot of unnecessary ingredients and preservatives.  As a woman, she is passionate about eating real whole foods and not “buying into” the latest fads and “diets” to improve her physique and fitness level.  No more dieting for this gal!  It comes down to eating real food and moving your body every day.  She especially enjoys working with families of kids with special needs to find ways to encourage good nutrition and making movement a part of each day. She has hit her own triumphs and trials in these endeavors and her passion is to help others through their trials. Her website, eatlivefit.net is full of recipes and current nutrition information. I am excited and proud to be a consultant for Beyond Classroom Walls. Please feel to contact me for ideas and support for kids who are picky eaters and struggle with different textures.